1 What to do in Rabat: 10 things that will not leave you indifferent

1.1 1 Get lost in the Medina
1.2 Dive into the magnificent Kasbah des Oudayas, one of the must-see places in Rabat
1.3 3 Admire the beauty of the Hassan Tower
1.4 4 Hallucinate with the interior of Mohammed V’s mausoleum
1.5 5. remember the blue Chefchaouen in some of its streets

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If someone were to ask us what to do in Rabat, these would definitely be the 10 things we would recommend most to those travelling to the city for the first time.

1. Getting lost in the Medina

As a good Moroccan city, Rabat has a beautiful medina, which, although not as big as its neighbouring cities (Casablanca or Marrakech), is well worth a visit.You can’t miss their traditional handicraft stalls or their restaurants and patisseries where you can taste the most typical Moroccan pastries (we warn you already because they are very good) at a very good price.And what about tea? Because you can’t leave Rabat without trying a good mint tea in a typical place.

2. Dive into the magnificent Kasbah des Oudayas, one of the must-sees in Rabat

Without a doubt, getting lost in the Kasbah des Oudayas is one of those must-see things in Rabat: this reddish stone fortress by the sea has charm, beautiful streets decorated with countless plants, gardens that will make you think you’re in Andalusia, narrow alleys full of secrets… The reality is that anything we say about this place would not do it justice at all. If you have time, don’t forget to have tea in the small café next to the Andalusian garden overlooking the sea (Café Maure).

3. Admire the beauty of the Hassan TowerDid you know that the land on which the Hassan Tower stands

was going to house the largest mosque in the world? The pity is that this project was unfinished, which is why you can now see the pillars halfway along this vast surface, which now looks like a large square.the tower measures 45 metres, but if the pharaonic project that was raised in the 12th century had been completed, it would be over 80. This hall and its great brick tower (which inevitably reminds one of the Giralda in Seville, mainly because they are the work of the same architect, Ahmad Ben Baso) are without doubt two of the icons of the city of Rabat.

4. Hallucinate with the interior of the mausoleum of Mohammed V

Next door, and in the same place as the Hassan Tower, is the mausoleum of Mohammed V, guarded by 4 royal guards dressed in their traditional uniforms, a sacred place whose beauty lies in its facade carved in white Moroccan marble.

5. Remember the Chefchaouen blue in some of its streets

Who said that only the beautiful city of Chefchaouen had blue on its streets? In Rabat, you will also find this characteristic colour on the facades, especially in certain areas of the Kasbah des Oudayas.